We work hard to make sure our clients are satisfied.  In fact, we continue to make sure our clients are happy long after we’ve wrapped up their project.

Read some of our client testimonials below.

I have been running an e-commerce business since 2008. I sell and fabricate a custom orthotic device and do so both locally and nationally. E-commerce is not just a static website, but rather tricky to set up and maintain. You need to make sure all your ducks are in their rows or your business will look lame and you’ll have no credibility.

I am a self funded business, so I need to make sure my dollars are being spent wisely. The biggest issue I’ve had in my business is getting someone to understand exactly what I do and create and maintain a website that will be found and convert sales.

After going through 5 companies in 6 years (all of which sounded good in the beginning) I was told about Jason of Crundwell Digital. WOW! BINGO!

Finally I have found someone who cares about my business as much as he cares about his own. I have never had anyone deliver like Jason Crundwell. Not only does he do what is necessary, he tells me what I need to know so I can learn as we go along.

Working with Jason feels more like a partnership than a service I have hired. If my ideas aren’t in the best interest of my business website he will let me know. All the other companies did what I asked simply to make me happy, then when the performance was not what I expected they would blame it on me. You really have to be careful who you are dealing with in the website world.

Some of the companies just want your hosting, some outsource the job, some don’t really know what they’re doing in the first place. I had one guy spend long hours with me to learn about my needs, then when he unleashed the site it was nonfunctional, he was nowhere to be found and I realized if I needed more work it was going to be done on a per minute basis. Are you kidding me?

Jason took a poorly designed site and not only did he get it functional, but my SEO has never been better. I’m so glad I found Jason. He’s been a lifesaver to me and my business. My site is the best it’s ever been and getting better and better as we together develop it into what I know it can be. I’m soooo glad he came into my business life. Wish I’d found him in the beginning. I look forward to working with Jason for a very long time. Jason Curndwell… YOU ROCK!!!!

–Kathy Carandang, WalkEZStore.com

Always creative and ready to handle opportunities as presented.

–Wayne King, Crownlinks Coffee

I hired Jason/Crundwell Digital Marketing to build a WordPress blog for a client, and am so glad I did. He is a rare gem: A development expert who can actually talk to clients with little blogging or web development knowledge. He was reliable and a pleasure to work with- cherries on the top of the fabulous blog he delivered.

–Stephanie Winans, Social Media Strategist, Arbitration Resolution Services

Jason Crundwell is a true knowledgeable professional in his chosen field. I find Jason to be thorough, diligent & well educated on the topic of digital marketing and website development.

Jason delivers his services on time as promised.  I always refer Jason and his company to people I meet.

–Ron Sukenick, Relationship Strategies Institute.

Jason is an alumni of St. Peter’s High School in Mansfield, Ohio. My job as marketing director at St. Peter’s School includes responsibility for the parish and school website.  An outdated website, in great need of redesign, was nearly out of the question with budget cuts across the board these last few years but Crundwell Digital Marketing made it possible for us to completely redesign the website at a very reasonable cost.

Not only did he work with me from the ground up to determine what was to be included on the site but he also completely redesigned the site and trained us during webinars so that we were able to “go live” in as little as three months.  He is creative, organized, straightforward, honest, and he is training us in new areas, especially with the use of social media, that has proved of great benefit already to our parish and school.

Jason is, without question, very knowledgeable in his field.  Beyond that, and perhaps as important to the client, is his implicit support when there is an issue.  He is not content unless the client is content.  Essentially, Crundwell Digital Marketing goes beyond what is expected for the cost.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Jason for any digital marketing needs for your business or organization.

–Kathy Morris, Marketing Director, Mansfield St. Peter’s

Crundwell Digital Marketing responded to our needs quickly and effectively.  Asking questions we didn’t even think of ourselves, CDM has led us through a complete website redesign with great success.   Responsive and pleasant customer service has led us to recommend CDM to our community partners.

–Andrea Yovanovich, Mt. Vernon Education Foundation