Angela Cain Communications

Jason Crundwell Indiana, Public Relations

Angela Cain is a former reporter in Indianapolis and after leaving television looked to Crundwell Digital to help launch her PR/Communications firm.  She was looking for a site that could feature her services and give focus to her blog, which focuses on compelling stories and motivational content.

Bay World Mfg.

Jason Crundwell B2B, Ohio

Bay World Manufacturing look to Crundwell Digital to build their new website in 2016. Working directly with window manufacturers, Bay World needed to provide their full line up of custom window options and accessories — including over 200 custom fabric options.

Multisite, Personal Blog/Website, PhotographyLeave a Comment is my personal website.  It started way back in 1996, and has gone through several redesigns.  In 2001 or 2002, I started using Coppermine which was one of the first database driven photo galleries.  For a decade the software power our family photo album — we were posting and sharing photos before sites like Flickr and Photobucket were cool. … Read More

Marion Alumni Association

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Marion High School Alumni Association

The Marion High School Alumni Association retained Crundwell Digital to develop a new website for its organization. They group is in the process of taking their organization to the next level and wanted their site to reflect that. The website includes a membership subscription link, integrated calendar, photo gallery and the capability to sell their merchandise on the platform.

Money Mail Direct Integrated Marketing

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Money Mailer Direct Integrated Marketing

Money Mailer Direct Integrated Marketing came to Crundwell Digital wanting to completely overhaul their online presence.  As they looked to expand their business to more national advertisers — they needed a website that was well designed, easy to use and included lead generation forms. Crundwell Digital was able to deliver on all these goals, plus create an interactive map of their … Read More

Small BusinessLeave a Comment is a Lawrence, Indiana physical therapist. We built a single page site design with internal links for more information.  In addition to website design, we converted them to the Office 365 platform for their email communications.

Integrity Leadership Partners

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Integrity Leadership Partners is a small team of Compliance and Ethics (C&E) experts. These dedicated professionals can help your organization design and implement a full C&E program. The company retained Crundwell Digital to redesign their website from a do-it-yourself platform.

The Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County

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The Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County

What started as a request to help this non-profit with a landing page quickly turned into website makeover. The client’s web host (who shall remain nameless – but 1 of those 1 big ones.) somehow managed to corrupt the clients database in a WordPress 3.9 update.  Fortunately, we were able to recoup most of the content and then put them … Read More

Guy Painting

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Do you have a Guy?  If not, now you do! Crundwell Digital recently relaunched with a new responsive design, and keeping the exact look of his current site.